Your Wedding Reception Music

Recently, Martha Stewart stated in her magazine Martha Stewart "Living" that, "The entertainment you select for your wedding or party is responsible for 80% of the events' success and the memories you will have for the rest of your life."

Being in the wedding business, I also tend to share this view - considering that 50% of your wedding day is spent at the reception, and music in one form or another is provided for approximately 90% of the reception. There are many different styles and formats of weddings. Having just the right music for the right moment is my specialty.

I hope that you will find the following music suggestions helpful in planning those special moments for your wedding day. Please click on the following to view:

I have music to suit all aspects of a wedding - from elegant cocktail and dinner music, to fun and familiar dance music later in the evening.

I am very open to requests from both my clients and the guests at the wedding. After all, it is your day and my goal is for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves, and have a night that they will always remember.

Planning your wedding takes a great deal of time, thought and stress! This complete Wedding Reception Planning Guide will help to assist us in planning your music and entertainment needs.

Click to view the Wedding Reception Planning Guide. 

Also, I have included a sample Contemporary Wedding Itinerary to help you plan your perfect Wedding Reception.

Click to view a sample of a Contemporary Wedding Itinerary. 

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